Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Signs of life

This should not be construed as an actual blog entry. This is me sending up a flare.

I want to let the four of you know, well, judging by Sitemeter I think there are about 17 intrepid souls who visit here regularly, that I'm okay... again... and that I will actually write something of substance in the near future.


Right now I am catching my breath and catching up on neglected and new work, not to mention new commitments I have made to my family... like...

Turning OFF the damned computer after 5:00! "Please, step AWAY from the MAC!" ...and Oh, now that I'm not online or working, maybe I could have dinner ready sometime before 9:00!

Um, yea. Mom's got kind of "problem" with the internet and distraction in general. Specific boundaries can be helpful when dealing with the Obsessive Compulsive. :)

I will resume writing about the things I think are important to share with you like how to take care of your body, tools for avoiding foods and chemicals that contribute to ill mental and physical health, foods that heal... not to mention expounding on things like my favorite cat litter, adventures in bovine artificial insemination and the importance of 600+ thread count sheets... I just have to get my work done first, 'cause, you know... I won't be doing any blogging in the evening.

I love reading your comments and even though I haven't been good at commenting, I have been keeping up on your blogs, too... Hi Elora and Wendy and Lisa and Angelina and Cheryle! I look forward to getting back into the bloggie loop again.

Thanks everyone for caring enough to wonder where I've been and actually letting me know you miss the random craziness that spills fourth from my brain into this space.

Keep looking. I'm not ever REALLY gone... just quite busy keeping up with my very important jobs. :)

Peace, Ya'll


Wendy said...

Yah, I was starting to get some grief about my time on the computer too, so I crunched it down into a more compact time frame. I still get as much done, just only the important stuff (not as much random surfing).

Look forward to hearing more from you. (I've been thinking of doing some posts about all the herbs, vitamins, etc. that I use as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. Sounds right in line with the stuff you've got planned.)

Also I'm glad to know that you're still visiting me. (And, if it helps, I promise not to write back and initiate long email conversations if you leave comments.)

See ya.

Lisa said...

So glad to hear an update from you. I can't wait to read some new posts.

Cheryle said...

She's Alive! She's Alive!

So glad you are back in the blogosphere - missed you lots!

Anonymous said...

YAAAAA! She's back! Now we'll have some fun stuff to read again.
Welcome back!!

Angelina said...

Well thank goodness! Lisa gave me a very brief synopsis of how you are mostly OK and crazy busy with family stuff. So I can't wait to see the posts return.