Sunday, March 30, 2008

What the Hail!

Torrential Spring hail storm + trampoline = crazy frigid fun!

The deluge was accompanied by booming thunder and wicked-close lightening that had us all stupefied for about thirty minutes.

Take one very impressive display by the Big Guy, add some Chinese takeout and you've got a great Spring Break capper.

Have a great week getting back into "The Routine," Y'all!


Anonymous said...

Can you believe those girls?? How much FUN is that!!?? Note, it's snow/sleet an inch deep on that trampoline and they don't have jackets OR shoes on!! But, I'm sure the excitement of the whole thing was keeping them warm!!
What a day that was. SPRING VACATION?

Lisa said...

We got the hail, but no lighting or thunder over here.

Anonymous said...

What fun, what fun what fun!!!! My granddaughters would have LOVED that!!!!!!!!! Hi Angeleen!! Your Mom sent me happy that the video came through! Crazy weather but hopefully we are DONE now! Roxanne

Angelina said...

Yeah, I've got thunder and lightening envy! I think Dundee gets more exciting weather than we do.