Monday, June 9, 2008

While you're waiting...

I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce you to my favorite new small kitchen appliance... the Cuisinart electric ice cream maker!!

This thing is PERFECTION!

It doesn't require ice so it's not very messy.

It isn't self-refrigerating so it's not an electricity hog, nor is it insanely expensive.

It is super easy to clean with only three parts that are simple to hand wash.

It makes ice cream in about 30 minutes once you assemble the ingredients!!


I have already made simple vanilla and a vanilla bean ice cream that requires making custard first but is phenomenal! In a recent outburst of brazen culinary self confidence and ingenuity I even made a dairy-free chocolate ice cream with coconut milk that was so good I may never eat regular chocolate ice cream again!

I once had an ice cream freezer attachment for my old (smaller) KitchenAid mixer and it was very disappointing. All the cold escaped from the sides and top and the results were mediocre at best. This machine has the freezer bowl completely surrounded and insulated so it stays really cold. I throw a towel over the plastic top to help retain what little escapes there but the freezy part stays super cold through the whole process. It remains so supremely chilled in fact that I've had the water I'm washing it out with freeze!

For $50 at Costco... WELL worth the investment! Of course if you get this little beauty, homemade ice cream becomes so easy and fun that you might find yourself in need of another investment... a gym membership.

Willpower to the people, Y'all!

Peas, out!


Both Fex said...

$50.00!? Time to go shopping!

Angelina said...

I have one. I don't use it very often but I've been thinking about it and I need to make use of it again. Mine is an older model but built on the same principle. With fruit season coming up I am thinking about sorbets especially.

Angelina said...

Oh yeah, and I'm wondering if you found a buyer for Bossy?

Lisa said...

Oh wow. Looks so good. I have an ice cream machine, but it requires ice and salt, so I don't use it much. You can't beat homemade ice cream. And coconut ice cream? Divine. With chocolate...there are no words.

Anonymous said...

Angeline: my very favorite food in the world is cream. I'll drive miles for good ice cream ....even out 240 take a right and a left on Williamson and I'm there!!! Yummy!

i sure enjoy your wonderful blog and tons of info, talent, and have great appreciation for your whimsical ways sistah...JUJUBEE

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