Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Zzzzzzzzz... **Huh?**

Just surfacing long enough to say I got home from LA last night.

Arrived to find both babies running about 103°.

Lots to tell when I am once again able to hold my head up without the use of a neck brace and my children achieve temperatures comfortably below boiling.

Until then, I will leave you with one valuable piece of information I gleaned from my trip: If you want to return to your ordinary life totally spent and feeling like a soggy slab of milk-soaked white bread... hang out with a big Greek family for five days. These people know how to squeeze the very last luscious drop of life from every waking moment... and take your pasty, little candy ass right along with 'em, so you better take your vitaims and try to keep up.

Now if you'll excuse me....ZZZzzzzzzzzz.............


Richie Designs said...

funny! hope the girls are better soon.

Lisa said...

Oh no. I hope the girls get better soon.

I hope your trip stories will include lots of Greek food that I can enjoy vicariously.

Angelina said...

Poor girls. Get rest. Get those babies better. Tell stories later.