Wednesday, August 8, 2007

When Shopping Isn't Fun

I'm not a big fan of shopping for clothes.

I would *much* rather peruse aisles full of luscious cheeses or vast expanses of crunchy, cool and green than slog through racks and racks of smothering fabric.

When it comes to draping my frame, two things plague me:

1) A complete lack of imagination

2) A body that was not made to wear inexpensive clothing

I don't mean that I am a fashion snob at all. In fact, I have no fashion sense. That is why I stick mostly with retro or very classic styles... because who's to say they're not IN style. I'm a total Couture Chicken.

*Affordable*, lightweight fabrics enhance all the wrong features on my body. I need material that can hold its own against my dangerous curves. No fear gear.

One does not find such bold, brave and structurally sound clothing at Target.

What was I thinking?

OH, YES! I was remembering that I have only a bit of birthday money to spend on clothes to wear for a five day trip to LA next week which includes my dear friend's outdoor wedding. Hmmmmm.

*Note to self: Reconsider selling blood plasma then hop on over to The Limited. Or maybe Macy's.

School clothes shopping for the girls...? also futile. Well, mostly. If you want to dress your wee ones in anything but denim, you're pretty much out of luck these days. What's wrong with stretch pants? They make so much more sense on a small but growing body.

We did have some stellar luck in the girls' shoe department though, so the trip wasn't a total loss. Black, "Vans"-style slip ons with rainbows and skulls... pink suede "UGGS" boasting fat pink tassels that dance around as you hop gleefully down the shoe aisle... Happy day!!

Hey, Angelina! While you're designing your clothing line for *real* women, do you think you could kindly throw in some duds for *real* little girls, too?

Thanks a bunch.

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Cheryle said...

Hi love!

Have you been to Ann Taylor Loft much? I see Loft as Ann Taylor's younger, hipper, sister - with more affordable prices. They have great sales AND their clothes are pretty true to size.

If you're up for the drive, I've also had really good luck at the Banana Republic and GAP outlets in Woodburn. Their stuff is also cut for real women's bodies, with a few exceptions, and it's affordable too! :)

Have fun in LA!