Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Now What?


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Both Fex said...

From what I've heard these things do blow out, and there's a whole business that has built up around it.

See, your machine blows out and you take it to Kitchen Aid to be repaired. There, they want to charge you nearly what you paid for it to begin with so you say forget it, scrap it, and buy a new and improved version. Meanwhile some interprising, dumpster diving so-and-so who has mechanical knowledge (clearly not me) fixes the broken machine and turns around and sells in on ebay or Craig's List.

I have a friend who picked up her 6 quart baby on ebay. It's shiny black and has a rebuilt engine and works like a charm. May be the way you want to go, the new used route that is, unless James is a small engine whisperer.

BTW don't quote me on any of this. It's all "I heard from a friend of a friend" type stuff. Good luck with KA R2 though. May the force be with you.