Sunday, September 30, 2007

I've been "Niced"

What an honor and surprise.

Ms Wendy over at Wisdom of the Moon recently chose me to receive the 'Nice Matters Award'. The person who awarded it to her has this to say...

"This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you've been awarded please pass it on to 7 others who you feel are deserving of this award."

What a very lovely compliment to received after only a few months of blogging. It's something I started doing as another creative outlet and because I have enjoyed finding so many other crazy women out there who share many of my interests and even some of my neuroses... always good for a knowing nod and chuckle. I had no idea anyone but my mom would actually read mine. Hi, Mom!

So. Without further ado, I humbly submit my selections in no particular order:

Dustpan Alley: Though a word like "nice" seems insultingly bland to describe Angelina, (don't dare say "everybody liked her" at her funeral or she'll haunt you mercilessly) I truly enjoy having her for a friend and look forward to her blog updates... with all their twists and turns from deep ponderings to recipes, to rants, to random thoughts. She has an amazing way with words and a vocabulary I envy.

The Tardy Homemaker: Lisa is a sweet, homeschooling mom whom I have vowed to get over to my house because we have so dang much in common... except for the homeschooling part. Her posts always leave me with a smile.

No Time For Blogging: This is the blog of my friend, Cheryle's, life and travels. I have known her literally my whole life and it's fun to read her upbeat writings to keep in touch when our very different lives keep us from getting together as often as we would like... plus, I get to live vicariously through them! At the moment, she and her husband just happen to be in Barcelona... bitch. Just kidding!!! :)

Shuriken and Chevre: Though not often updated, much to my dismay, Beth is one of my dearest friends. Ninja, Chef, Children's Pastor and UberMom, this woman makes me tired just thinking about what she packs into a day... hence the oft-dormant blog. When she finally gets around to it, though, hers is lots of fun and inspiring to read.

No Appropriate Behavior: Okay, so, spicy language doesn't bother me in the slightest so Laura's propensity for cursing isn't, to me, off-putting. Her tales of life with her two boys, a husband who regularly travels for work and facing the challenges of a family with multiple food intolerances often leaves me weeping from laughter. Another great thing is her gluten-free recipe site. But perhaps one of the most entertaining facts about her main blog is that her posts are always named for song lyrics or titles which she explains once a month (much to my age-addled brain's relief.) "Of course! Split Enz! I knew that..."

Richie Design: Richele is a fun gal with amazing taste who lives in Long Beach, CA. I knew her before blog land, but if I didn't I'd still read her. She has many talents, not the least of which is photography. She shares some of her gorgeous work and fun/insightful thoughts on being a girl in this big ol' world. Always good for a chuckle or three... especially when she's talking about drinking beer in bed. ;)

Wisdom of the Moon: I don't know if tag-backs are legal here but I'm throwing caution to the wind and doing it! Wendy, YOU'RE SO NICE! :) She's also very talented and extremely creative! Go check out the cupcakes she made for Halloween (Richie!). I look at her stuff and realize how totally I suck. No. Really. She's very inspiring and makes me wish I had a fraction of the energy required to crank out the projects she makes look so effortless.

So there you have it. I'm sure there are a zillion other cool, creative, chatty chicks out there with blogs I need to read/get addicted to, much to my great downfall. For now, though, these are the ladies whose words occupy my idle moments. Do go visit them and enjoy... but like I said, for a couple, you'll want to leave your fragile sensibilities at the door. It's okay. You'll have fun.


Wendy said...

Oh thank you so much for tagging me back!

Now I'm off to read all the others on your list (except I already read No Appropriate Behavior).

Wendy said...

And you totally do not suck!

Lisa said...

Aww, you're so sweet! I'm off to award my Nice Matters bloggers now.

Angelina said...

Thank you so much for your nomination! I would turn right around and hand you one too but I see that Lisa has already done so.