Saturday, February 16, 2008

Confessions of a Scatterbrain

Have you ever seen toes in more dire need of a pedicure?

This is the same polish I painstakingly applied on a luscious, leisurely afternoon... Christmas Day...

It would take me literally about five minutes to drag out the nail polish remover and at least have clean toes in place of scruffy remnants of "I'm Really Not A Waitress" red, which would be an improvement, right? But I feel almost naked without polish on my toes and I can't seem to bring myself to part with the red until I have time to properly apply a fresh coat... and that would take, what, probably fifteen or even TWENTY minutes! That's an eternity! Right?

It seems like the smallest tasks go undone because I "just don't have time for that right now." Or "I'll get to it later because it will only take a minute" then whatever it is never happens because it was such a minuscule job I never made it a priority. In the worst cases, I may end up paying late fees or rushing around to make a deadline (not with my work, mind you) and spending more time or money than I would have if I had taken those five minutes right off the bat.

I am the world's worst at keeping baby books up to date... especially since Grace arrived... FIVE and a half years ago! At this point I'll be lucky to remember anything pertinent to record in it and get it done prior to giving it to her as a wedding present.

I have piles and stacks of pictures to go into albums all stuffed into the credenza in our entry hall just waiting for my attention.

When it comes to kid birthday parties, I am a total flop. My sister-in-law, Dawn, is the world's most intimidating party planner. She makes kid parties so fun and exciting adults crash 'em. I, on the other hand, am doing well if I remember the occasion far enough in advance to actually MAIL invitations rather than calling everyone a day or two before and make up a totally bogus theme on the spot. "Yes, this year she's having a take-and-bake pizza themed party! Come dressed as your favorite topping!"

I'm so lame.

I have 32 pounds of honey in a bucket in my kitchen waiting to go into smaller, more manageable containers. It's been there since early January.

Sometimes it's just because I forget.

Other times, I start to do something and get distracted by something else that needs doing or "Oooooooo, look! Something shiny!"

I have to write a shopping list even if all I'm picking up is apples, cheese and Valium. Once I get inside the store, my memory is toast.

I'm trying to improve, though. Trying to turn over a new TREE.

I'm just trying.

Ask my husband.

My big accomplishment this week was getting Anna and Grace's school pictures in their frames on the mantle. The pictures I've had since, oh, I don't know... NOVEMBER...

Yea, me.

Ya gotta celebrate the little victories, Y'all.


Wendy said...

Right there with ya, sister. I think I've had toenail polish on as long as yours, but mine looks much worse. It's grown out at least half way down my toes. I actually trim the damn things, but don't take off the polish.

We are awesome in our scatterbrainedness! It makes the world more interesting.

And don't let anyone tell you different.

Angeleen said...

HA HA! I trim 'em too!

I'm glad you're in the scatterbrained boat with me, Wendy! You're good company here in the "dingy." ;)

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid it may be an inherited thing. :-( Mine was on since November. And it looked MUCH worse. BUT...I finally got the old off and at least some clear on in time for our Valentine's Day trip to the beach!! Whoo Hoo! Now, at least they are shiny. Procrastination? Side tracked? Or just plain something MORE EXCITING to do??? Hey What??? I can relate to all of that. Sorry, I didn't mean to put it in YOUR genes too.
Love ya
Your Mom

Lisa said...

All that sounds pretty normal to me. Except the toenails, I never paint mine and they look much worse than yours. Yours look good to me.

Angeleen said...

Lisa, if I had cute little red shoes like you do, I wouldn't need red toe nail polish...

... okay, maybe I would, but I love your red shoes. ;)

Angelina said...

Why do I never polish my toes? It seems crazy suddenly.

But I have to tell you that your toe nails look like you just painted them to me. What the hell do they look like when they're not trashed? You have nice feet.

Bethany said...

Okay, so I know I'm replying WAY late, but I have an excuse since I was in Oregon (yay) instead of sitting at my computer at work in Utah last week. BUT, I just had to tell you that "I'm Not Really a Waitress" is my very favorite nail polish color for my toes. So, although it is old and maybe should have been removed weeks ago, I still think your toes have fabulous taste.