Thursday, February 21, 2008

Seven Weird Things

Lisa over at The Tardy Homemaker tagged me to expose Seven Weird Things about yours truly.

Now, there are way more than seven, I'm sure, but being that the rest are not weird to me I am unaware of their existence. I am including the things that are odd enough to me that I think other people would find them pretty darned weird. There are a couple of things I know most people would find really weird, but I'm not willing to share those things with the world at large so you'll just have to guess what they might be.

And now for the list fit for public consumption:

1. I would be totally fine if I never ate fish again. I only eat fish when I make it for other people and politely eat it when other people cook it. I do however, love shrimp and lobster...

2. ... I am allergic to shellfish. (Yea, it totally bums me out.)

3. My brain instantly imprints voices. If I hear a voice once on the phone I will immediately recognize it the next time that person calls and upon hearing said voice, will have all the pertinent information about that person drop into my head like opening a personnel file. Once I hear a voice, it's in my brain forever. It's not such a big deal now that I work for myself and don't come in contact with scads of people but when I was a receptionist in an advertising agency for example, my employers found it extremely helpful for heightened phone call screening abilities. It's also likely one reason why I never got promoted from the phone even though I was doing design and production work.

4. We raise cows and drink raw milk but I don't milk our cows. It's too much of a commitment to the animal and way too much work for me. It's so much nicer to drive to Yamhill, have a nice chat with Chrissie at Kookoolan Farms and pick up jars of beautiful, clean milk without having to squat 'neath a cow twice a day... EVERY... SINGLE... DAY.

5. I love tomatoes (only in season and preferably home grown), I like ketchup and tomato sauce, but I cannot stand tomato juice. It grosses me out.

6. I have eaten and throughly enjoyed wild musk ox. In fact, I have kind of an odd desire to try as many different kinds of game meats as I can. I love elk!

7. I never realized how claustrophobic I am until I was spelunking (yes, it's a real word and no, it's not dirty) a lava tube in eastern Oregon with a large group of family and friends. The cave started out big enough, like a cathedral in some spots, but it got smaller and smaller. When we were maybe 50 feet from the end it narrowed down to about three or four feet in diameter. I couldn't do it. I tried to make myself go just for the experience of touching the end of a lava tube but, heart pounding out of my chest, I broke into a cold sweat and started shaking uncontrollably. I chose instead to stay there, alone, in complete darkness. No flashlight. That was far preferable to me to getting stuck , unable to go forward or back and trapping all those people I loved inside the cave and suffocating on stale, dusty air hundreds of feet down in the bowls of the earth never again to see the sweet, clear light of day. ::trying not to hyperventilate at the mere thought!!::

Fortunately, my wonderful not-yet-husband stayed there with me in the crushing blackness until the others returned with the lights.

So there you have it. Seven more things about me to file under "proof that girl is freakin' whacked." And, as these things work, I am to pass along the pleasure to some other blog friends. I'm tagging Richie, Wendy and Cheryle.

Okay, girls, dazzle me!

Peace, Y'all.


Wendy said...

Oh come on now, 8452 random things about me isn't enough? I'll have to scan through my ever growing list and find the weirdest (and most of them are already pretty weird).

And I'm with you on the refusal to go in the lava tube. I can't even watch that kind of stuff on TV.

Lisa said...

I also hate tomato juice.

Angelina said...

My heart started pounding just reading about the lava tube. When we went to Scotland the first time we visited a castle that had an underground tunnel that had been dug to get to their enemies underground and we were invited to explore. I went down the hole and at some point realized that I could barely breath and that I was pretty sure I would never get out again and went into a quiet but full fledged panic. I have never felt the need to put myself through anything similar again.

I would buy milk from you if you would milk your cows. I'll bet tons of people would. You could probably make a tidy living. Can't you get the girls to do it?

Cheryle said...

I've tried and tried and have only come up with four weird things so far. I'm determined to come up with seven, though - stay tuned! :)

Angelina said...

I think it's so unfair that you tell us that there are some REALLY weird things you could list but then leave us hanging.

You're a tease!!

Lisa said...

Oh, but Angelina, you do the same thing!