Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beer... Me... Yes.

Try though I might, I have never been able to like beer. I WANT to like it, but that particular acquisition of taste has perpetually eluded me.

Hefeweizen has always been the closest thing to an enjoyable beer I have encountered, except for perhaps McMenamins Ruby Ale... a lovely, sweet and *girly* raspberry brew, but one can only get Ruby at McMenamins' fine establishments. *sigh*

While I may like a few sips of Hefeweizen, I could never be counted on to down a whole bottle.

I appreciate completely the culinary merits of certain food pairings. In fact, I can never eat pizza without *wanting* a beer to go with it but have never been able to complete the transaction.

This is me trying to enjoy some Widmer Hefeweizen at
Zippy's Pizza in Yamhill.
Photographic proof that beer will NOT make you more attractive unless someone ELSE is drinking it... what
a train wreck!

On Wednesday night we made fajitas for dinner and, like pizza, fajitas SCREAM to be served with beer. James cracked open a Pyramid Hefeweizen he had bought to try and gave me a sip...

Oh. My. Goodness.



Silky smooth...

No bitterness.

No aftertaste.

Just a mouthful of unfiltered loveliness that begged me to have another.

The taste of it was unlike anything I had tried before.

I couldn't get those fajitas made fast enough.

I raced to the table and enjoyed every single sip and bite. Completely astonished at this miraculous new development.

I finished off both fajitas and the entire bottle of malted goodness... then I took a nap.

Cheryle, Angelina, and others of you who have known and experienced my beer-averse frustration, I hope this day I have made you proud.

Cheers, Y'all and Happy Friday!


Wendy said...

Ummm, beer. I like most beers, especially on a hot day. Though I really don't drink that much anymore.

I will have to try that stuff out for sure.

Lisa said...

I might have to give that try, because, like you, I suffer the same affliction.

Angelina said...

I need you to come to my house right now and make me that delicious repast!!

Yes, this breakthrough of yours does bring a happy tear to my eye!

James said...

Good for you Honey. You've enjoyed a good food and WINE pairing in the past, and now you've expanded your culinary experience to enjoy a good food and BEER pairing.

Congrats! :-)

P.S. Beer hasn't been around for over 5,000 years for nothing!

Cheryle said...

>>>Try though I might, I have never been able to like beer. I WANT to like it, but that particular acquisition of taste has perpetually eluded me.<<<

Ha ha ha ha ha!!! That could be ME talking about WINE!!! Tried so hard to like it, but just don't understand all the fuss.

I am glad you found a beer that you like. That particular one is a little on the mild side for my tastes, but hey ... baby steps. :)

BTW, your meal looks delicious.