Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Moment for the Queen

Two years ago today she ran back into Grandad's arms... and I can still feel them celebrating.

Here's to Queen Esther and her King George, to whom I owe so much.

I miss you both terribly, but know you are never far from me and continue to influence my life in profound and tangible ways.

I am so grateful to have been born to such Royalty.

Thank you for everything.


Cheryle said...

What a beautiful tribute! You are so fortunate to have had your Grandma well into adulthood, those memories will be with you for a lifetime.

Can't wait to see you! ;)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it. How sweet to remember.
I SURE miss them too.
Hugs to you for honoring them on this day. Now they've been together 2 years!! And never to be seperated again!!
Love you.

James said...

Happy Reunion-Anniversary QE&KG! Although we miss you, 10 years apart was way too long, and we are so happy for your reunion. Thank you for all your help from up above. God bless you!