Friday, May 16, 2008

Pssssst... wanna buy a cow?

Or, more accurately, a cow and her darling calf.

Yes, folks. It causes me great pain to say this, but Bossy and Daisy must go.

We have maxed out our grazing capacity and need to move a couple of my girls on to other pastures. I originally wanted to keep Daisy and let Sparky go, but in a demonstration of my TRUE LOVE for this little beauty, I am choosing what is best for her over my own selfish desires. *sniff* *sniff*

It will be much less traumatic for them... well... and me too, really, I suppose... if we sell the pair together so...

Who wants to start their own herd?!

Common folks! I know there's a frustrated dairy farmer out there among you!

Seriously! The calf is ready to ween. You could have your very own fresh milk twice a day... from your own backyard!

Here's the sitch:

Bossy is 3 years old, Herford, Holstein and Angus. She's a great mom.

Daisy is 3 months old, all of the above breeds plus black Semental.

We'll let the pair go for $985.

Any takers?

Common, Angelina! Now's your chance to commune with your favorite bovine on a daily basis! Just think of the endless supply of prime fertilizer!

Okay. Sales pitch over.

Operators are standing by...


Me said...

Oh NO!! I can't believe it!!
They are SO SWEET. Your selling my latest Great-Grandchild and mother?? :(
Must be somebody out there that NEEDS them.

Me said...

PS. Adorable pictures!!

Wendy said...

We're not even zoned for chickens.


Angelina said...

Just as soon as I get a pasture!! I'd totally buy them from you. Bossy and me have things to say to each other...but I think they will have to go unsaid as she starts an adventure elsewhere.

Angeleen said...

Don't worry, Angelina, I think Princess would like to chat with you, too... Bossy just never ever let her get a word in edgewise. Now that Bossy has moved on, I believe Princess will become much more talkative.