Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rich women in hats

No, that doesn't exactly describe (in dollars, anyway) the two of us that you see here, but we sure were surrounded by 'em.

My dear friend, Julie whom also happens to be my rep at Portland Monthly Magazine honored me with an invitation to "Hats Off To The Hill:" a benefit for OHSU Women's Health Center. Held at the Portland Art Museum, this event raises money for free tests and services for women without health care benefits. The proceeds usually end up serving between two and three hundred women and save many lives in the course of a year.

Anyhoo, I'm not a name-dropper or anything so I won't tell you who sat on the other side of me, or who was at the table next to ours, or who opened the donating "auction." Let's just say, even I knew who they were and, being the complete hick that I am, I don't know anybody!

Ok, ok. I was this far away from Arlene Schnitzer's cute little self, but that's all I'm sayin'.

It was really fun and a great cause to get to support, even if it was just with my presence. They opened the donating at $25 Grand... um, kinda steep for my checkbook at the moment.

Also, a big "Thanks, Girlfriend!" goes out to Angelina for providing my stylish chapeau! I may never take it off.

Thanks for the fun afternoon in the Big City, Jules!


Wendy said...

I'm so jealous! I always tell Jeff that I need to live someplace where people actually wear hats that aren't baseball. He suggested that I buy a plane ticket to the 1930s.

However, my hair is growing out really strangely and it could use a good hat to cover all its weird angles. I don't think I could pull it off with my usual uniform of sweat pants and a t-shirt, though.

Anyway, you look marvelous!

PS- you need to stop by my blog and comment on Jeff's medically themed poem that I put up today (even though it's probably a case of TMI) because he's concerned that nobody's left a comment yet.

Miss you.

Anonymous said...

Cute picture. What fun!!! You are SO SPECIAL!

Lisa said...

Mahvelous, dahling!