Monday, July 30, 2007

Why Have Two?

Are you kidding me? Just look at them.

Twice as much beautiful all in one place... and they live in MY HOUSE!

There are times, like when I watch them sleep or make up stories together, I wonder how I lived without them as long as I did.

I'm so grateful God chose me to be their mommy.

"I must have done something good..."*

*You know... from the Sound of Music? Von Trapp and Maria... Singing to each other in the garden when they realize they're in love...?

Oh, never mind. I'm in love with my kids. 'Nuff said.


Me said...

I couldn't agree with you more!! I think they take after their Mommy! (She definately did LOTS right.) And to think that the Mommy let the Grandma & Grandpa take them away for a fun day at Oaks Park! Lucky us. It was pure pleasure. I'm one fortunate Grandma!

Me said...

Excuse me, I guess the term was "something GOOD". Yes you did. But NOW I'll have that song going through my head for the next 3 days!

Both Fex said...

Of course, they're wonderful. That's why I called dibs.

Angelina said...

Do you ever have a grumpy day?

Your girls are lovely.

Did someone ask you "why have two?"? While I have never myself desired two kids, this summer I have sorely wished I could rent a sibling for Max. There are definite advantages to having two!

Angeleen said...

Beth, I only hope you are gifted in foresight. If your boys turn out to be the men they promise to be, I'd thrilled to have 'em both for sons-in-law. Will be interesting to see how they regard each other when the "Wanna play Wii Sports?" phase gives way to raging hormones and teen angst.

If they never fall in love, at least I know my girls will have very adept body guards.

Angelina, to be honest, I don't have many grumpy days. What the hell do I have to complain about?! I am, after all, the Luckiest Girl In The World! Seriously, even when I'm having a rough day, I just strap on my gratitude and keep on truckin'. It doesn't make me feel better to bitch... most of the time, anyway. I dont' *wallow* well. For me, it's very counter-productive.

"Why Have Two?" arose from Richie's blog where she poses the question about whether or not she *really* wants to have kids or if she only thinks she does because it's what's expected of her, and what society does (or doesn't know what to do) with women/couples who chose to remain childless.

While I fully respect everyone's right to choose their own adventure, I simply can NOT imagine my life without, not only ONE child, but both. We had them as much for each other as we had them for ourselves. They totally love and look out for each other and, when they're not fighting over DS chargers, are the best of friends. We aquire everything in (at least) pairs as it is our strong-held belief that everyone(thing) needs a companion.

I got your back, Baby!

Me said...

And NOW...Angeleen is going to go play with these and other dumplings at the beach for the next 4 days, what will we all do without her fun BLOG to make us smile every day?! Guess I'll just leave town too!

Angeleen said...

UM! Anyone who just read my mom's comment and was thinking of coming and stealing all my stuff while I'm gone...

Beth will be hanging out here and she's a Ninja.


I wouldn't advise trying anything FOOLHARDY ON HER WATCH!

capello said...

ah, girls. i don't have girls. and for that, i'm rather grateful. (i overly fear the teen years.)

but having two? yes, having two rocks.

Angelina said...

That is such an interesting question that Richie raises and I think I'm going to have to read her thoughts on the matter.

This is why I think we all have our ideal number, two kids would, for me, be the worst thing I could do to both myself and my marriage. HOWEVER...I definitely appreciate the advantages of having two and do wish sometimes that Max had someone to bicker with all day long who isn't me.

I try to be grateful for everything good that I have in my life too but the last two years have taxed my ability to remain positive and grateful so severely that it is difficult to wake up every day and see the good. While I don't tend to wallow all that much (though I love a good bitch-I don't think they're the same) I don't actually think my life has been particularly blessed in the last couple of years.

Both Fex said...

We had to have two. Will was becoming such a handful he needed some sibling rivalry. It worked like a charm, in fact, I think two is easier then one (they entertain each other). Plus there is more to love, more to tickle, more to zurburt, and when they're older more to help with chores and run errands. ;)

Have fun at the beach. Moose, Manny, and the DH and I will be using all your farm space to practice our bo staff skills while you're gone. Oooo, I can bring my throwing knives! I haven't had space to play with 'em since we moved into the apartment. Ninja farm life... sweet!

Cheryle said...

What an adorable picture!

I haven't read Richie's blog, but have known many women who struggle with the "kids or not" issue. I'm so happy that I was never on the fence and thus, haven't spent a nanosecond of time questioning my "no kids" decision or worrying about what other people think.

It is funny though - in my capacity as volunteer caregiver for the CAT Adoption Team, I often have the opportunity to talk to potential adopters. More often than not, adopters talk about getting just one cat, and I'm always pushing two! :)))