Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Moss is Perking Up

Ahhhhh... the sweet, glorious rain has returned in earnest.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy a good sunny day as much as the next gal, but the heat of Summer holds no true pleasure for me much past 80°. Pool or no pool.

I despise sweating.

There's a saying that goes, "You can tell a Native Oregonian by the moss on our backs and the webs between our toes."

Umbrella? Please.

I think I do own one, but I can't even tell you where it is. No, rain is for washing the earth and my face in splashy droplets of liquid sky.



Drink it in and feel my roots bore deeper into mother earth, secretly feasting on her hidden goodness that only well-watered tapping tendrils may seek out.

When it rains, the harder the better mind you, my truest self awakens and I feel alive and somehow relaxed. In my element.

Bake bread.

Make pot roast. Chicken and dumplings.

Read by a crackling fire while a torrent pounds and the wind howls past my chimney-top underscoring that I am safe and warm and well-fed.

Makes me more keenly aware of so many blessings overlooked when all is calm, dry and quiet.

Rain reminds me that I live in a place where things want to grow. Things I can eat and feed my family.

Growing things love rain.

Children are growing things.

My children love the rain...

... but, not as much as they love mud.


Wendy said...

Oh, you are so right... we really are kindred spirits!

I've always wanted to live someplace with more rain, but since I was born and raised somewhere with 300+ days of sunshine a year, I can't really comprehend what it's like.

However... "When it rains, the harder the better mind you, my truest self awakens and I feel alive and somehow relaxed. In my element." Yes, yes, yes, yes. That is exactly it!

Thanks for this wonderful post.

Wendy said...

Oh, and I love the picture. The bright yellow slide showing through is great!

Angelina said...

I too love not only the picture but the ENTIRE sentiment. but you already knew that. My flipper feet are out and ready. Even though I was born in California.

I don't know where I have an umbrella either.

Now, about those green tomatoes...what are you going to do with them? Are those the ones you're going to wrap and try to ripen under the bed? Or are you going to make green tomato relish or chutney? (Neither of which have I ever tasted, by the way. People swear it's yummy. ?)

Uncle Monte said...

OHHH!!! Me too! I know I'm a true Oregonian 'cause I love the rain--the harder, the better. Part of this rain appreciation comes from your Grandma, my mother. When your dad and I were little kids, and a big rain storm would come (with or without thunder and lightning), she would sit between us on the sofa, with a blanket over our laps, and read to us or make up stories to tell us, as we listened to "God's music" pounding against the windows and the roof. To this day, I love thunder storms!! And rain is always welcome, especially at night when I am falling asleep.

About the green tomatoes: Ever tried fried green tomatoes? I mean the food, not the movie! :-)

Wendy said...

Oh yum. Somewhere I've got a great recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes. I think it was pretty simple. Let me know if you want it.

I'll have to live vicariously thorough you because I don't have ANY tomatoes this year. Sad.

Angeleen said...

Yes, Angelina, I will be wrapping many of them for storage, but, thankfully, I have a root cellar so I don't have to store them under the bed. I think it would likely get too warm and quickly become disgusting.

My mom-in-laws father did this, but bear in mind, they lived on the praire of Alberta, Canada and the only source of heat in the two room house was tha wood stove in the living room. I imagine the bedroom was VERY *cool* through the winter! :)

I'm VERY eager to see if it works.

Unk, what you describe sounds TOTALLY like Grandma. What I would give to have a good long chat with her now and compare notes now that I have kiddos of my own.

Wendy... hmmm... fried green tomato recipe... YES, PLEASE!!!! I've been looking for one for years that someone had actually tried. I have no idea what they're supposed to taste like, but I really want to know! So, if you would be so kind... :)

Both Fex said...

When I hear people discussing seasonal depression I can't help but think, "you get depressed when it's overcast? But what about all the soup and books and blankies? How can one not be down right giddy with anticipation when the fog rolls in and the sky darkens?" I guess it's my hibernating spirit. Oh, and the green tomatoes... I like 'em sliced thin in between thick homemade tortillas with lots of cheese- grill 'em up. Tasty tasty quesedillas. You can add some sour cream and cilantro if you want to gussy 'em up.

Lisa said...

That quesedilla thing sounds good. I might have to give it a try! I'm making a meal plan and grocery list right now, so this is good timing.

Angelina said...

Sorry I didn't make it yesterday by the way. I really wanted to but needed to get more stuff done around here while Max was in school.

I want to know more about your root cellar. Did you build it? How? Where is it? What's in it now?

You know, when you have time to answer my trillion questions.

Angeleen said...

No worries! I know how it is... BELIEVE ME! We did have a great time, though I did feel kind of dirty letting Lisa meet my cows before you... especially Miss Peach.

I only hope you can forgive me... *sniff*


My "root cellar" is actually the crawl space under our house. We're on a bit of a slope so when they placed our house, we ended up with a "basement" that is about 5' deep on the tallest end (the entry) and terraces up to nothing on the East end. It's a great spot for storing all kinds of stuff. Stays quite cool year 'round.

In addition to deck furniture, kites and canning jars, I have potatoes and acorn squash stored there. I will soon be adding my onions, what few I have, when they're done drying in the garage. Also, I plan to do my tomato thing this weekend so I'll let you know how that goes.

I'm sure you must have an access hole to underneath your house somewhere. Look in the floor of all your closets for a square that's cut out. Instant root cellar!

Well, I gotta get back into the kitchen! MY MIXER CAME on Thursday and I'm just ITCHIN' to put 'er to work!! Ohhhhhh, is she a beauty. Serious power, Baby!

Plus, Lisa brought me a scoby yesterday so I'm excited to get some "Bucha Tea" to brewing as well.

I hope you had a wonderfully productive day yesterday and can get in some "relaxing" (HA!) this weekend!

Lisa said...

Aw, she's being coy now, but she wasn't shy yesterday when she was showing us Miss Peach and the others!

Angeleen said...

Well, I guess I can be a little excited about showing off my bovine beauties...

Way to rat me out, Lisa! ;)

We really did wish you could have been here, though, Angelina. The cows were quite cooperative and I would have gladly sliced a tomato extra thick and made you a "-.L.T.!"

The next time it's not pouring, you'll have to hop on your Vespa and zoom on over and see my root cellar and cows up close and in person. :)

Angelina said...

We're on!

We don't really have a crawl space. We have a talent for buying houses with no crawl spaces. I wish I would have known what a treasure my dirt basement was in the first house we bought because then I would have made good use of it. I'd know what to do with a crawl space if I had one.

How can I make a root cellar without one? Do I have to dig a hole five feet deep in the ground? I will have to investigate the root cellar books out there to find out more information.