Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My new favorite B&B!



Amazingly affordable!

Best of all... is my very own bedroom!

There's much more updating to be done in the rest of the house, but I really wanted to pay proper tribute to James' and my Divine love affair by starting with our boudoir.

I surprised him with all the accessories, but we painted the room as a family weekend project and got it all done in a day! Go team!

Before: Like, yuck, man.

During: For your next home improvement project, I highly recommend child labor! They have a ball, work for potato chips and soda, and have no idea your totally exploiting them! Now that's what I call a "win/win!"

Ahhhhh... it's just so nice to have an actual grown-up's bedroom and not a storage room with a bed in it.

These little beads dangling off the burgundy *velvet* valance are so sweet,
they just make me tingly all over...

So TRUE!! The picture really doesn't do it justice. Rats.

I absolutely adore walking into our bedroom to the aroma of freshly cut roses and herbs! So rejuvenating and inspiring, I think.

For a couple hundred dollars and a little effort, I'm so pleased with the way it turned out. No, it'll never make it into Portland Spaces Magazine, but I could afford it and it just feels so much better. I absolutely love the way this room looks at night... especially from the outside.

I once walked up the path that runs in front of our house and peeked in the window to see this inviting nest aglow in soft candle light. I thought to myself, "Wow, that looks like a really lovely place to stay... I would love to spend the night here with my Honey... Hey! I can and will every single night of my life. Sweet!"

Slowly but surely, I'm living my dream. I am so blessed!

Folks, it's like the tag line on this blog says... "There is no place *but* home."

Make yours beautiful and inviting to you.

Up next: Operation Master Bath!!


Wendy said...

Very impressive! But, just a warning, according to Feng Shui, although red in the bedroom can bring passion, it can also incite arguments. I really love that color, though. (I've thought of doing the same in ours, but I'm too chicken.) Hope it works for you.

Oh, and that last post, with the guy and his wooden contraption was quite possibly the coolest thing I've ever seen. So amazing.

Angeleen said...

Hi Wen'!

Thankfully, there has been more passion and fewer arguments since the paint, but I don't think it has so much to do with the color... ;)

Plus, the "Chianti" (I just LOVE the that paint is named after wine!) is only on 1 wall. The other 3 are "Golden Light" which is actually a Ralph Lauren metallic that has more of a bronze look than gold. What does Feng Shui have to say about that?

I know the de-cluttering I've been obsessed with lately is WAY Feng Shui friendly. I once had a book called something like De-cluttering Your Life With Feng Shui and it worked wonders for me. Very cool philosophy.

Yes. The old guy with the wooden thing is WAY COOL! He reminds me of a couple of amazing old men I know/knew. The world needs more old codgers like that.

Both Fex said...

Looks great! I'm jealous.... but hey.... go girl go!

Lisa said...

I'm so glad that you did your room over. I know that you were complaining how much you disliked it last time I was there. I can't wait to see it in real life soon!

I'm hoping once J. moves out of our room that we can spruce it up.

Cheryle said...

Lovely! We like the new paint in our kitchen and dining room so much that we are now looking at painting the rest of the house. We could definitely use some help, what kinds of chips do Anna and Grace prefer? ;)


Angelina said...

I love it! The color is wonderful. Very envious. Yep. My room is pretty darn awful. I mean, I like the room, just needs attention. Sprucing as Lisa says.

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