Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sharing with the locals

The girls and I got a beautiful surprise this morning when a fawn hopped the fence and began voraciously chowing down on our radishes!

Normally, this is not the sort of behavior I would encourage in the local wildlife, but she was so lovely and bold... looking us straight in the eye as we ogled her from my office window... I couldn't bring myself to shoo her off.

Our radishes far outnumber our opportunities to interact so closely with one of my favorites of all God's creatures. Deer also seem to mark special times in our family.

The last time I saw a deer on our property was my most recent birthday.

The previous sighting in our yard was four years ago on the morning of Anna's sixth birthday when a family of THREE, including a two-point buck (!), waltzed across our grass to our muffled squeals of approval and delight.

Something very cool just may happen today... and if all that turns out to be is the exceedingly rare glimpse of a fawn in our very own garden... that's more than enough for me!

Happy Tuesday, Deer Readers! :)


Lisa said...

So neat. I just get excited to see squirrels on our back fence. A fawn would be totally neat to see. I realize that many people struggle with deer damage to gardens, but for city folk like me, it's pretty cool.

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