Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Orange water and Triskaphobia

We got our water back one week ago... however, it still runs orange. It's the rusty minerals in that good ol' Dundee Appellation soil that make the Pinot Noir so gosh darned good, don' cha know!

I'm still twitchy about washing anything white lest I end up with a lovely array of quasi-tie-died garments in varying shades of burnt umber.

Amid all the water woes came the dishwasher debacle. Dishes in the front half of the machine retain a revolting residue of co-mingled food particles and oily remnants.... mmmm... YUMMY!

The issue was, of course not, as we had hoped, the replacement of the twirly thingy that shoots water around in the top of the machine which we found resting conspicuously out of place on the heating element... that leaves the motor as the culprit.

Interpretation: motors are so spendy, we may as well buy a whole new dishwasher.

As unexpected breakdowns of major appliances/utilities/vehicles tend to arrive in packs of three... I am rapidly developing a paranoia of unusual noises, smells and/or vibrations from any and all major moving and/or vitally important machines in my service.

So, now that you have the most recent update from L7CR, I am off to back up the Macs and stare suspiciously at my truck.

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Angelina said...

What a bummer about breaking machines! Things always break on us so we've learned to view all of our things with deep suspicion.

I hope the dishwasher thing gets resolved for not too much money. It's a shame when it costs more to fix a thing than it does to buy new.