Wednesday, October 31, 2007

NanoNinja and the Big Wiggly Puppy*

Small but FIERCE!

A Ninja and her Dog...


Other costumes considered by Grace starting from Monday up until the bus's arrival at 8:55:

"Something Disgusting"


("you can wrap me up in toilet paper and tape it!")




Will Grace still be a puppy when she goes trick or treating? Your guess is as good as mine.

This one exercises "a woman's right to change her mind" to the fullest extent allowed by law.

I'm just holding my breath that she really has ditched the mummy idea. Can you just imagine the nightmare that would be trying to keep her "dressings" of perforated TP from falling off every time she bends over to pick up an errant Skittle? Oy.

There is a reason mummies walk with stiff legs and arms straight out... they're hermetically sealed in SCOTCH TAPE!

Happy Halloween, Y'all!

* "The Big Wiggly Puppy" is the name I have given to the part of my personality that leaps out when I get really excited about something. It's very well-meaning and joyful, but also just as likely to knock you down and slobber all over you... which I imagine can get a little annoying for the slobberee.

It is very appropriate that I loan this moniker to Grace, not only because of her choice of costumes, but, well, her B.W.P. is on the loose pretty much 24/7.


plaidshoes said...

So cute! I love the one of them together. Nothing like a ninja and his puppy!

Lisa said...

Too cute! We had, in order of age: Old lady, Belle, cow.

We love Halloween around here.

Wendy said...

Ha! I've got a big wiggly puppy lurking in my psyche too! Perfect name for it.

Angelina said...

But where did you land a puppy costume on such short notice?

Do you guys go trick or treating in your own neighborhood? There's a lot of farms around you, right? So that could be a lot of walking.

Angeleen said...

Lisa: I eagerly await pictures!

Wendy: somehow I knew you would be the one to share in the B.W.P. sydrome. :) You are WAY too far away, Girlfriend! Then again, if we got our B.W.P.s together... ::shiver:: ;)

Angelina: The puppy costume is one from last year... or was it the year before...? Anyhoo, I have a girl who LOVES to dress up... or even just change clothes about four times a day so we are never without "outfits." And, no, she didn't go trick-or-treating as a puppy... that post is forthcoming.

Angeleen said...

Um, that's SyNdrome, by the way.

Dang, my spelling is crap lately. UGH.