Monday, October 22, 2007

Pheasant Present*

(For illustration purposes only... not my actual pheasant... obviously.)

What a present
Was the pheasant
I did glimpse upon this morn.

Not a peasant
Of a pheasant,
He, so regally adorned.

Til’ now I had
But seen him at
The far side of the pasture.

The bushes and
The fences had
Obscured his noble stature.

But on this day
He came my way
And stood there in the sunshine.

Mere feet away
His fear gave way
He scuttled for the tree line.

For my presence
To this pheasant
Was to surely be construed

As not pleasant
For the pheasant
But, a plan to make him food.

So effort he
Did make quickly
To end up
not under glass.

How could he know
I would not go
And eat his fine, plum'd carcass.

Cam’ra in hand
Across our land
I searched through garden and trees

I did intend
To show, my Friend,
The pure glory that was he.

To write a post
For those, at most
Whose number has surged to three!

Not how to roast
Or even toast
But share his unique beauty.

But at present
My dear pheasant
Is a hidin’ in an a tree.

Seems the present
Of my pheasant
Was a gift saved just for me.

Yes, I am aware this composition is a syllabically-rhythmic train wreck. I'm no poet, but as I was tramping around in the grass trying to find said purty birdie, this started rattling in my cranium so, I thought, "What the heck? Why not open myself up to a whole new reason for folks to point at me and laugh, 'eh?" I say,"What better way to start a Monday?!"...

... Except, of course, for going out to the garage to get some bread yeast outta the fridge and seeing a freakin' gorgeous bird hanging out right outside the window!

Very, VERY cool!

Happy Monday, Y'all! And enjoy that belly laugh at my expense. Really. I don't mind a bit!


Cheryle said...

Aw! I'm impressed that you even created a poem ... on a Monday even! The extent of my poetic capability stops at the haiku, I'm afraid.

The soup - it's ridiculously simple. I used Rachael Ray's version:,,FOOD_9936_19796,00.html

Didn't make the soup toppers, but who needs to when you have grilled cheese? :) Also, I substituted half and half for the heavy cream and it was plenty rich for me.


Elora said...

Can understand how seeing pheasants might make you want to write poetry - feel less poetic about the traffic outside my window.

Lisa said...

Wow! A whole poem on a Monday.

Anonymous said...

Good JOB!!! I think it's a pretty fun and creative poem!! And aren't they pretty. I'm sure he was glad you weren't going to eat him. Keep up the poety.

Angeleen said...

Thanks, AnonyMOM.

Anonymous said...

Hey! There's another new word to add to the list. AnonyMOM. I rather like it!! :-)