Saturday, October 13, 2007

This Could Explain The Multiple Contusions and Sketchy Memory

This is why only our 14-year-old cat sleeps inside.

He's too old and fragile to lift any blunt, heavy objects, but will at times resort to the old "knock-over-the-glass-of-water-on-the-night-stand-with-my-head" maneuver.

Can you imagine the carnage if all seven slept inside?!


Anonymous said...

Boy, can we relate to that one!! Toooo funny and true. And he's SO INNOCENT. Good laugh here.

Wendy said...

My sister cannot leave any glasses of water out at night because her cat always knocks them over!

AmyB said...

This is almost exactly the routine my 20-lb cat goes through every morning... he's strong enough to manage the baseball bat, but luckily I don't have one!

Angelina said...

What is it with cats and glasses of water? Mine does the same thing.

Plus he tries to kill the dog daily.

Cheryle said...

(wiping tears of laughter from face)

As one who is "owned" by four indoor cats, I can completely relate to this! Fortunately none of our brood are prone to violence, however!

Thanks for the giggle. I'm gonna go watch it again. :)

Risa said...

I see each of my three cats in this side-splitting clip... Khaliah is the incessant meower, Oreo is the jumper (uses me like a spring-board - oy!), and Emma is the face-slapper. I haven't caught anyone with a bat... yet.

I keep watching this over and over... Thanks for sharing! >^..^<

Elora said...

Really made me laugh and nice to know im not alone. Got in to bed last night only to be doused by a whole glass of orange juice. I Had to get up and take a shower and the cat didnt have a drop on him.