Monday, July 9, 2007

Beauty and The Beets

While I continue to process my impending massive post, I thought I would share some new food pics. Well, mostly because Angelina wants me to reveal what I did with those beets from last week... I just love my Foodie friends who geek out over beautiful ingredients and pallet-tickling flavors as much as I do! (Except I don't think Angelina likes being called a "Foodie." Sorry.)

Those gorgeous beets were forced to lie in repose in my fridge until they could be joyfully united with the partner of their destiny... my mom-in-law's home grown potatoes.

Roasted with big chunks-o-onion in some olive oil, coarse sea salt and pepper, these beauties turned into my kind of candy. Anna and Grace pounded down those potatoes like biscuits and honey butter.

The salmon is wild-caught Copper River (I think) that I coated with a marinade of a balsamic vinegar reduction (THANKS, BETH!), combined with finely chopped shallots, garlic from my garden and capers (they were too prominent with all those other more delicate textures so I WHACKED 'em.)

A little squeeze of lime juice brought this tangy-sweet elixir together nicely.

The result after baking was a slight caramelization of the marinade ingredients, and firm, moist slightly sweet fishie. Mmmmmmm.

With all those other intense flavors, I decided to go very straight-forward with the veggie.
Grilled zucchini is always a big hit at my house.

Just slathered up mom-in-law's zucchs with some good olive oil, sea salt and pepper and tossed '
em on a very hot cast-iron grill. Deeeeeelicious!

We finished off this sumptuous feast, enjoyed with my in-laws, with an impressive Late Harvest Muller Thurgau that was full of vanilla and cream and had an apple finish. Reminds me of a "blond" port.

Absolutely, without question, the perfect way to end a perfect, celebratory weekend.

Stay tuned. More to come!


Lisa said...

Oh yum. It all looks so good. That is a great idea for beets. I just had a beet dilemma this week because I was tired of roasted beets and ended up making a warm goat cheese, beet and spinach sandwich. I think I will have to try your beet and potato dish because I have my first harvest of potatoes that I will need to start making plans for.

Angelina said...

So right about not liking to be called a "foodie" but I totally forgive you. (My mom keeps wanting to call me that too). Oh what a lovely meal! Most especially the beets and potatoes!