Monday, July 16, 2007

By Request

Though I still owe you some cow shots, Angelina, here is a Garden Gallery to tide you over until I can get my Bovine Beauties to show up for a photo shoot. (They're such primadonnas...)

Can you tell this garden was planted by an Accountant? Just look at that neatness and precision. Sun flowers in all four corners. Peas and beans grow on the fencing on the left, corn across the back, potatoes on the far right, tomatoes, green onions, carrots, lettuce, beets, lemon cukes, acorn squash, pumpkins and zucchs in between.

Please note James's very creative row markers... though with the cats around they can end up just about anywhere. In the picture they look like eggs, I just realized... they're golf balls. A blatant homage to what he'd RATHER be doing...

So pretty.

I just love the graceful dance of bean and pea tendrils climbing a fence. I need to get a good close up.

The raspberry bushes are not in the main garden but off to the side a bit and out of the picture. Sadly, their season is quickly waning.


Me said...

I keep telling you, you need to write a book. A Garden book? With such pictures of zuchinni? or Cook Book with FOOD pictures or just a FUN book. You could qualify for all of them.

Angeleen said...

Thanks, Mommy. :)

Angelina said...

I am so impressed with the neatness of it! I want to go inspect in person. Very satisfying pictures.

Can't wait for the cow shots though!