Thursday, July 5, 2007

We're Havin' a Hay Day!

Alternate title: What NOT To Do On the Hottest Day of the Year

Now, I don't particularly enjoy being physically inferior 99.99% of the time. It frustrates me when my brain knows exactly what to do, but my design-flawed body lacks the fortitude to accomplish it.

On days like today, however, I'm secretly glad I'm a "weakling."
James reliving his childhood games of "King of the Mountain!"... well... maybe not.

How the guys in my life manage to muster the gumption to go out on a baking day to wrestle bales of itchy, dry plant matter is beyond me. I would snap like a twig. That is if there was anything left of me to snap once I had been rendered down to a fatty pool of simpering whine-i-tude from the heat and actual physical labor.

Grace noticed the camera.

You can be a Farm Girl and still know how to strike a pose.

But, eventually, no matter how CUTE you are...

They will... at some point...

... put you to work.

The cows, exhausted from watching all that hard work, retired to the shade of the nearest tree to contemplate their glorious, rapidly-filling larder and swat flies...

... just as I adjourned to the air-conditioned solitude of my office to blog about it...
... and await the next five pick-upfulls with cold drinks and witty, and mostly unappreciated, playful demands like, "Farm Boy, fetch me that pitcher!"*

*If you haven't yet seen The Princess Bride... drop whatever you're doing, slap yourself and WATCH IT!


Both Fex said...

"As you wish."

Hee. Couldn't resist.

Angeleen said...

Good girl! :)

Angelina said...

I just think it's so cool that you guys go haying. For cows. You grew the hay? Will it get your cattle through the winter?

I want some up close pictures of your cows. I love cows, did you know that?

I also want to see more of what's in your garden!

MORE! MORE!! MORE of all the farm girl stuff!!!

Angeleen said...

You're so cute, Angelina!

No, we didn't grow the hay, J's uncle did. They pick up the bales from the field and haul 'em back to our barn.

Yes, I'm pretty sure it's all we need to keep my sweet cowies fed 'til spring, what with our mild winters, and all.

I'll try to get you some close-ups of my girls. In case you're wondering, their names are Bossy (because she IS) Princess MaMaKau (my mom in law could bring herself to call a cow the name she came with, "Princess," so we threw the Hawaiian inspired pronunciation/spelling of Mama Cow.) Her daughter's name is Sparky... which is kinda cute because that's J's nickname for me.

My garden is coming along, but not producing much more than lettuce at the moment... but there is GREAT promise in the zucchini patch! Can't WAIT!

Tonight we're having beets from our garden roasted wit potatoes from the in-laws patch. Yummy!

Angeleen said...

I meant to say, my mom-in-law CAN'T bring herself to call a cow "Princess." I hate when I hit "Publish" instead of "EDIT!!"