Saturday, July 14, 2007

Birthday Beauties, Bashful Bovine and the Blessed Bounty

My delicate, tiny, little preemie...

... turned NINE on Wednesday.

I can't believe that sweet, fragile baby now has talents and thoughts and friends of her own.


At the risk of sounding like a totally typical parent... Where does the time go?

Well, it DOES fly when you're having fun... again with the clichés... so we seriously contributed to the speed of its passage with a small but exceedingly enjoyable celebration. It began with a trip to our favorite nail place where Anna, her two best friends, Julia and McKinzie, and Grace got their toes done... which seemed as much fun for the folks doing the pedicures as it was for the recipients. With sparkling, colorful toes, we went back to our house for HUGE cupcakes and pizza... then I had to go to a STUPID MEETING... while James supervised swimming and lots and lots of Wii gaming.

Julia spent the night which was Anna's very first sleepover ever. Once the excitement died down, everyone slept like rocks... in my bed... with me in it. Actually, it was pretty fun, all four of us girls piled in together. (James retreated to Anna's bed for a much more dignified and predictable night of slumber.)

Farm Life Follies

"Exactly what kind of cow are you?"

"'COW?' What kind of CAT are YOU?"

Midna (the kitten) and Sparky (the heifer) meet officially for the first time.
Clearly, neither is sure what to make of the other.

My first zucchini of the year and my first garlic EVER! Woo hoo!
Honestly, we forgot the garlic was even there so it was a very fun surprise.

Another brilliant sunset here on the ranch. Ahhhhhh.

Stay tuned for part 2 of "40 years to 'Getting It."


Angelina said...

What a fabulous post. First of all-Happy birthday to your big gal!

And it's about time you posted pictures of your heiffers. I want more!! (was there ever more tedious greed than mine?) I love the kitty and cow picture. I wish I had been there. I really want to get up close and personal with your cows (though not the bull, eh?)

Lastly, I'm so envious of the garlic. That's wonderful to have so much from your own garden. next year I'll plant some. The zuccs look great too.

plaidshoes said...

Happy birthday to your "little" girl! It looks like it was a fun day/night. I am also envious of your garlic. I wish I had that much! I think I will get one ;-) -pretty sad! That is cool you have cows. How many? Are they for dairy or beef?

Angeleen said...

Angelina - I'm working on your cow pics. Did get a garden shot over the weekend for you, too.

By the way, the bull has gone home. He was just here for five weeks or so while bossy needed some, uh, "lovin'." We will certianly invite him back again, though. He was very much a gentleman and quite easy to have around. Extremely mellow and un-"bull like" for a fellow of his "masculinity quotient," shall we say.

Plaid - We raise our own beef, but curently don't have any cows for that purpose. (we just processed two steers and a cow in May) Right now my "herd" consists of two pregnant hiefers and a 10 month old one who are expressly for the purpose of breeding. We won't be eating any of them. They're good girls. :)

Cheryle said...

my goodness - NINE? she looks so grown up (sigh) ...

where do the decades go, anyway?

Seattle was a blast - I will have a Seattle trip report within the next few days along with pictures! :-)