Tuesday, June 12, 2007

10 Reasons Why I Wear An Apron After 6:00

(This one isn't mine. I REALLY like it, though. Pretty sure I need it.)

1. It keeps stuff from splashing, smearing, splattering, exploding all over my clothes when I'm cooking and/or cleaning. Duh.

2. Angelina makes aprons so damned cute EVERYONE wants to wear 'em! I MEAN everyone! I actually witnessed a transexual purchase one to be altered for her specific measurements. Talk about your universal appeal! These things are H-O-T.

3. It makes me feel like (a much sassier) Betty Crocker.

4. I feel pretty and prepared and not like I'm just flying by the seat of my pants. (which I usually am.)

(Mine has this bitchin' pirate print on it! I ripped it right off of BBQ Sue's plaster fanny! Take THAT, you scurvy wench! ARRRRR!)

5. It forces me to switch gears from work to home and makes me less likely to slip back into the office while simultaneously making dinner. It's like my "At Home" uniform. I feel really WEIRD sitting in front of my machine in an apron. It's like sacrilege!*

6. I just can NOT keep from wiping my fingers on my pants when I'm cooking.

(Angelina is the sophisticated beauty on the left. BBQ Sue is the twiggy, pasty-complected girl on the right.)

7. I hate doing laundry.

8. It looks even cooler with katchup on it.

9. Did I mention it's sexy?

10. My Grannee always did and she totally rocked!

*Unless of course I'm looking up some exciting new recipe using as much beef as possible. With 430 pounds in my freezer, I need all the creativity I can get my hands on!


Angelina said...

I'm so happy you are enjoying your apron! I love that you got the pirate one, though being a cowgirl, I kind of agree that eventually you're going to need the cowgirl apron.

You could write a beef cookbook.

Have I mentioned how sweet you are?

Lisa said...

We could co-write a beef cookbook. I have a side of beef in my freezer too!