Thursday, June 7, 2007

What's not to love?

From Forgotten to FABULOUS!

When I arrived home from the Farm with this little beauty in the back of my truck, James was disgusted. “That thing is hideous!” he proclaimed.

“Are you KIDDING ME?! It’s BEAUTIFUL! It’s part of my history. It’s part of ALL of our history! This is the butcher block upon which my Great, GREAT Uncle Luther cut meat for the entire community of Scholls at Petrich’s Store!” I defended. “Grannee worked the front of the store and Grandad kept the refrigeration running. This is COOL!”

(A brief side note: My husband and I are what I like to call “balanced.” In addition to other opposing tastes and views, I love things that have a history: the older the better. He’s more of a black-lacquer-and-chrome kind of guy.)

He heaved a sigh of disdain and informed me I could just let it drop out of the back of the truck because the fall certainly couldn’t make it look any worse. “No, but it could leave a big ol’ crack in your garage floor. This thing is an actual tree trunk!” I replied.


He then dutifully rolled the top out of the truck and onto the driveway. It continued to roll across the gravel, with what seemed to be a sense of purpose, all the way to the steps of the deck.

“SEE!” I shouted triumphantly, “It KNOWS where it wants to live!”

I can be pretty sappy sometimes.

He rolled his eyes and strolled off to do something infinitely more important while I gleefully went to work on my new treasure. It didn’t need much more than a good washing, the legs reattached and to be stood up proudly in the corner of my deck!

I wasn’t about to trouble James with my little project any further and I was determined to handle it alone.

I got it all cleaned up and reassembled, I just needed to get it back up on all three legs and in the corner of my choice… Did I mention this thing is a 130-year-old tree trunk?

My friends, I discovered I have the ability to use the laws of physics to my personal advantage! I put the tip of each foot on the two bottom legs then grabbed the top and began gently rocking using my own weight to coax the behemoth to its feet. This is one time I was glad I’m not a twig!

After about ten tries, “Voila!” Success!

And here it sits, revived and happy, gracing its new home with charm and loveliness.

Upon seeing the final product of my vision, James has decided it “doesn’t suck.”

Temporal Beauty
A pictoral Ode to the Strawberry

Lastly, and not that it relates to anything in this post, but here's proof of what amazing sunsets we get here on the Ranch! The lightning storms don't suck, either.


Angelina said...

I think the block looks fantastic! I especially love the cat detail. And good work on the hoisting!

Are those berries from your own garden?

Angelina said...

Hey, I commented on this one last night, so what happened? Maybe I left the page before doing the security code?

Anyway, I think the butcher table is wonderful and I love how you've set it up with the plants and the cat.

But how do you get the cat to stay there all the time?

Sunsets here really are wonderful, aren't they?

Angeleen said...

Yes, Angelina, the berries are from my garden.

The cat? Lucky coincidence. We don't call it the "Lucky" Seven Cat Ranch for nothing!

Re: hoisting. It gave me a sudden, strange sense of invincibility... as if I were some kind of lesser superhero! A SUBHERO!

As for the technical difficulties you experienced... I'm reasonably sure that was my fault. Hopefully I've finally found the right magical combination of settings!