Sunday, June 10, 2007

Because my mom told me to: A clarification under duress

My mom has some clarifications she would like to make on post #2... the one with the strawberries...

"Think (your blog is) great. However I noticed in the strawberry pictures, you didn't mention the who's that probably arranged them on the edge of your counter OR that historic piece of a tablecloth that adds still MORE interesting stuff to your beautiful butcher block both of which were found in the darkest regions of a dark, soot covered 85 yr. old basement in a trunk that must be at least 105+ yrs old. ( It HAS to be more than that come to think of it. My brother could probably fill you in on how old Grandpa was when he came to this country. But Aunt Katherine was either a baby or not born yet and she died 2 yrs ago at 100+. I know Grandma was PG when "the boat they sailed" but she also had a small child. Good stuff!!

Your Mom.
PS. You need to get together with my brother and Clarence and write a book!!! All of the family would buy one for sure!"


The strawberries in the pics on post #2 are from my garden and the "strawberry parade" was in fact assembled by my daughter Anna, who has a way of turning everything into art.

And for anyone who was concerned with what Petrich's store was called when my Grannee actually worked there... and every name in between... She has more to say.

"Hi. It's me again and I was just reading more of your blog as well as re-reading the first one and the butcher block and about Grannee working at Petriche's. I think for clarification for "The Family" need to state "Now known as Petriches, but she worked there when it was Potter, then Trask and finally Bernards before it was sold to Petriches. Or check with my brother, it may have been Trask/Potter. Not real sure of that transition. I remember both of them, but can't remember which came first. And...I think it's interesting that Uncle Luther cut meat on this in front of an open door, between the locker and feed warehouse, to the back yard where cats sat and waited for tidbits of meat, and the floor was an old wood floor! How did we ever survive??! Not one case of e-coli ever showed up! We were a hardy bunch!!"

I told her it was really more of a narrative of the differences between James and me and a chance to show off my new old butcher block to my girlfriends than, say, a historically accurate account... which I thought most non-relatives would find kinda boring.

She's so cute. I really think SHE needs a blog. Don't you?

Okay. I need to go feed my children... While I await mom's next email saying I should post pictures and a menu of what delicious, nutritious and well-prepared delicacies I served them... :)


Angelina said...

mothers are such precise and proud beings, aren't they?

Angeleen said...

Yes, yes they are... and my mother is their Queen.