Tuesday, June 5, 2007

You knew it was coming, didn't you?

This is my inaugural blog so I ask that you please bear with my learning curve. Like how to get the spell check thing to work.

My friend, Angelina, and NO that isn't some hastily thought up alias, is quite an experienced and, might I just say, prolific, blogger who got me inspired. Like I need something else to distract me from my actual responsiblities!

Her blog is a guilty pleasure I look forward to on a daily basis. What I wasn't expecting was how much fun it is to get in on a sort of open dialog with so many interesting and different people. Sharing ideas. Getting different points of view.

Out here on the Ranch, I can be a little sheltered. Heck, I basically live and work in the Newberg version of the Kennedy Compound, sans the high, stone walls and, well, the money, so it's refreshing to hear voices from other places... like outside my own head.

I thought this could be a fun place for folks I know, and some I don't know yet, to pop in and share some thoughts.

What's on my mind today? The tragic shortness of the Oregon Strawberry season. We had such hot weather when they were just coming on that those succulent globes of nectar-filled goodness should be gone in a little over a week. This makes me sad. If you haven't had an Oregon Strawberry, you haven't had a strawberry.

It means I will spend the next seven to 10 days eating berries until I threaten my own physical wellbeing.

They are my favorite summertime treat... at least until peach season hits anyway.

Well, then there's blackberry season...


Angelina said...

Yeah, I agree about the strawberries, except that I have to say that blueberry season is phenomenal here and I CAN'T WAIT for it. And the wild blackberries everywhere at the end of summer are so good I can't stand to pass by any blackberry hedge without a quick taste test.

Since I hate hot weather, all these wonderful fruits are my consolation prize.

Richie Designs said...

welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

Angeleen said...

Angelina, I completely agree about the hot weather and the reward of the fruit that comes with it. You should see me picking blackberries like mad before ths sun gets too high in the sky!

Nice thing about blueberries, besides the yuuminess, is the blessedly long season.

Richie, thanks for the welcome! My husband has taken it as confirmation that I have too much time on my hands... Boys.

Both Fex said...

Hee! Another blogger! Welcome! Ooo, look at me with all the exclamation points! Well, I'm happy you're here- that or I'm just loud!

Yeah, ok, BOTH!

Hee. Love you. Glad you're blogging.


plaidshoes said...

We are just starting the strawberry season. I am envious of your pictures. I can't wait to have some!

Welcome to blogging!

Uncle Monte said...

Congratulations, My Dear Niece! I always knew you were intelligent, creative, artistic, and a beautiful person, to boot. Now your blog confirms my totally unbiased (?) opinions. I love the story of Uncle Luther's butcher block. It's a story I never heard before, but I am not at all surprised that you are now in possession of a huge tree trunk for your deck.

Alas! I haven't even had one strawberry this season. I refuse to buy California strawberries. As your Grandma used to say, "Oh my...these California strawberries are too pithy!" (And nobody likes things with pith in them!)

Keep up the good work. You should write a book--not just blogs. Or maybe a series of homey articles for a newspaper. (The "Christian Science Monitor" loves things like that.)

Love ya!
Uncle Monte

Angeleen said...

Thanks for weighing in, Unk!

You are biased by are certainly entitled to express your views! :)

You are right! No one likes "pithy." Ever.

Hey plaidshoes! Thanks for stopping by! We've had a LOT of rain lately so I think the season may be over even sooner than I had feared. :( STUFFED myself with them last night, just as a precaution!

Uncle Monte said...

Now I'm addicted to your blog!
I find it fascinating to learn more about the good ol' days at the Rueck farm...butcher block and all...and to read the comments from your mom and friends.

When will we get the pleasure of your undeniably descriptive talents, concerning...uhh...well, those bovine boys, and the care and feeding thereof?

Oooh! I can't wait till the next installment.

Angeleen said...

One post at at time, Unk, one post at a time.

I actually started blogging AFTER the most interesting/distressing cow things happened.

But, for YOU, I'll think about taking keyboard in hand and describing the long, sad, sordid saga...

By the way, have you gotten any STRAWBERRIES yet?!