Sunday, June 24, 2007

Twisty People

My girls LOVE to go to the grocery store. Why?

Besides getting to pick juice box flavors and the unmatchable thrill they derive from watching that little vain pop out in my forehead when Grace gets REALLY EMPHATIC that she NEEDS a whole case of Smarties... the BIG excitement is the virtually inexhaustible supply of TWISTIES in the produce section.

They always make fun shapes to amuse themselves as we meander through the aisles, but this time, Anna came up with some extra cool art.

I think she's really looking forward to sparring, now that she has her green belt.

What do you think?

Lord of the Rings, or Zelda. You decide.

Twisty Grappling, anyone? (I don't think the guy on the right is doing so well.)

This was MY favorite part of the shopping. The bun is from Gabriel's Bakery, the beef is from my pasture, the bleu cheese INSIDE the burger is Italian, the Sour Cream and Dill Kettle Chips are from Eugene, and the Rosemont Shiraz/Cabernet is from Australia.

Whole Foods sure saved me a lot of running around for this meal! YUM!


Lisa said...

That burger looks delicious! cheese.

Me said...

Been trying for 30 min. to leave a comment. Let's see if it works this time.

Me said...

FINALLY! Now, from the first try....I didn't know Anna had such talent! I think those are amazing twisty's for anyone much less a 9 yr. old! And..FINE DINING with a hamburger! We can travel the world with you. Is there a World Wide Hamburger stand in your future??

Angelina said...

Those twisty figurines are excellent! Wouldn't it be funny if Lladro got wind of your girls' creative use of twist ties and did a porcelain figurine series of them?

The meal looks great. Though obviously I prefer a gardenburger and I don't eat the moldy cheeses. You will undoubtedly be disappointed in me now. This on top of the fact that I don't eat goaty or sheep cheese either.

Doesn't matter though, that meal looks totally fine!

plaidshoes said...

Those twisty's are great! I have never thought of doing that. I will totally have my kids occupy themselves at the store with that. Maybe I will hear a little less "please!!! can I have this..."