Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Best of Seven

I'm being held hostage by radical deadlines!

In the mean time, here is some very cute filler:

WARNING: If you're allergic to, dislike,
or otherwise have no interest in cats, leave now!

This is Winky.

Don't tell my other cats, but she is my all-time favorite.

I love all seven with varying degrees of emotional attachment, but this one has stolen my heart.

I watched her come into the world. I snatched her from the jaws of death when, as the runt of six, she ended up needing to be fed with a syringe to survive.

She was so tiny and fragile I carted her around inside my shirt
to keep her warm and safe.

And now, at three and a half months old and still remarkably small, she is the most relaxed, sweetest and most tolerant cat I've ever seen.

These pictures show how stressed she was after having her nap distrurbed repeatedly by Grace's insistence on having Winky sleep on her lap... then she moved her to my lap... then I had to make dinner so I picked her up and she stretched out into the position you see here... and stayed that way through being moved yet again and bombarded by the cacophony of gaming noise and wiggly children.

Oh... my... GOODNESS!

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Angelina said...

Lordy Lou, she sure is a cutie!