Friday, June 22, 2007

"I'm a girl with cows, not a cowgirl" I said.

"You're a girl with cows. That MAKES you a cowgirl" said she.

Whomever is right. I FINALLY GOT MY APRON!

It was my birthday gift to myself and I love it.

My day was filled with fun and family and that's the best way I can think of to march headlong into a new decade.

It is my long-held belief that on one's birthday, the person who most deserves to be spoiled is your mom. SO, the girls and I picked up mine and went to a very lovely lunch at Orchards Bistro in Mac. The food was great, though the Mac and Cheese was a bit too fru fru for Grace and she elected, instead, to pilfer Thai noodles from her Grandma's plate.

After lunch we walked across the street to see Angelina and unite me with the object of my desire... that fabulous cowgirl apron from my June 12 post.

She carries lots of fun stuff that I usually cannot live without AND she's having a SALE to empty the store. I walked out with an arm-full! She's closing the brick-and-mortar store to concentrate on her true talents, designing and writing, but we're lucky enough that she's keeping her web store As soon as you're done here, go check it out.

After loading up with snazzy, nearly-half-price prizes, we four party girls headed back to Newberg for pedicures!

We picked up blended coffee drinks, well, smoothies for the littler girls, and plopped our fannies down in lovely massage chairs to receive the pampering we so desired and deserved.

Grace was not so sure about the whole arrangement, looking like she had somehow unexpectedly landed on Mars, but she adapted quickly and soon decided this pamper planet was well worth the visit!

Anna was on board from the moment I mentioned it and announced her eagerness about every half hour until we got there.

Three generations of beautiful toes.

The rest of the day was filled with strawberries and cream, T-bone steaks and potato salad, lots of good wine and seven of the dearest people in my life: my Mom and Tom, my in-laws and my hubby and girls.

We were joined later in the evening by Anna's piano teacher, Bethany, and her husband... I know that sounds weird, but she has been a breath of sweet, fresh air every Wednesday for the last two years and they are moving to Utah for his job. It was our last chance to see them... maybe forever... so I was quick to invite them for dinner.

I do that.

It makes me happy.

We played and laughed and talked by the outdoor fireplace until nearly midnight. Then, our guests went home and my tired little family and I retired to our beds and slept like well-fed, bliss-filled, rocks. In fact, I didn't move once in the night. At all. That's some seriously good sleep.

It says, "The Queen," in case you're wondering

I'm going to like my 40s. I can tell.


Lisa said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday. I keep trying to go to Angelina's sale, but the store is always closed when I go by! Maybe today will be my lucky day.

Does Bethany have a husband named Brian and two daughters?

Angeleen said...

Give Angelina a call and let her know you want to visit. Rumor has it she can be persuaded to open the store for the really cool people, especially those ready to shop!

Bethany and her fella, whose name is not Brian, have only a cat named Pekoe.

Lisa said...

That is too weird because the Bethany I know is also a piano teacher. Maybe she has a secret life with Pekoe and her fella!

Angelina said...

You looked so wonderful and glamorous on your birthday! I'm going to get a pedicure for my 40th birthday too. I don't think Max will go for it though. However, I have a lot of girl friends with little girls whose toes might need a coat of paint.

Didn't you both make it in that same day?

Angeleen said...

You are too kind. :)

When your 40th birthday comes I will go with you!

Though we're going to have to wait a long time... RATS! :)

We may have to do a practice pedicure... you know, to make sure we do it right when your birthday finally gets here.